What can we learn from Dylan Wiliam and AfL?

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‘The only thing we learn from the past is how little we’ve learned from our mistakes’.

Geog Wilhem Friedrich Hegel


‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’

George Santayana


 ‘Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders’.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Inside the black box of classroom practice…


Formative assessment helps pupils understand how to improve

but requires teachers to focus on what works best and change their habits of practice.


i. What AfL is: getting pupils to understand how to improve.


Before I started to teach, my Head of Department said, ‘if you read one thing, read ‘Inside the Black Box’. So I did. AfL seemed to revolve around getting and providing effective feedback (1999). Research that summarised 250 assessment articles over a decade argued that AfL ‘could do more to improve educational…

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Professor Dweck at TED earlier this year

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This TED Talk by Professor Carol Dweck provides a good catch-all summary and introduction for anybody wanting to start doing some thinking around Growth Mindsets.

I’ll be adding this to the Core Professional Curriculum iTunesU course we have at school. This talk is only 10 minutes, so we’ll be using it as an introduction to the start of an EduBook Club Meeting. It also works well as a stimulus for a departmental meeting with a team wanting to undertake some subject-specific action research or a staff meeting in a smaller setting where you want to start focusing in on the big hitters such as motivation and engagement.

Here are just a few prompt questions I have posed in the past when using Ted Talks and other short videos and podcasts of educational thinkers in this way:

  • What do I know about the perceptions my pupils have of their own ability and how can I find out?
  • How does…

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#SOLO 7th Heaven

Thoughts on SOLO thinking, how to use this process in your classroom


I’ve always really enjoyed using graphic organisers in the classroom or as a personal planning tool.  Now I often use them when delivering professional development to staff.  They help people organise their thoughts and make their thinking very visible with just a glance over their shoulder.  The very best of them scaffold students learning from the necessary shallow factual learning towards deeper conceptual learning.

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